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Vitamin C based expertise for life at its best

Wouldn’t you like your family to be at its best every day?
Cebion is a trusted family brand and offers a unique range of Vitamin C tailor-made solutions. You and your family can restore, maintain or even improve your general health and vitality. Vitamin C is more than just a nutrient. It is essential for your health and its benefits range from stimulating the immune system to fighting fatigue and anti-aging. Cebion has been a pioneer and scientific leader in vitamin C research. It has dedicated its professional resources for over 75 years to making Cebion the Vitamin C expert it is today!

Cebion – Vitamin C market leader in Venezuela. Watch the TV ad!


Selected Cebion products


Multiflavored Vitamin C soft chewable capsules without sugar


Vitamin C tablets that dissolve into a delicious drink in many different fruity flavors


Small bursts of vitamin C in multiple flavors for your children. Fun and yummy.
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